Full Feature List & Changelog

  • eBay hides the buyer’s email address after 14 days. DSH saves the full buyer addresses locally on your computer so you can export them to csv whenever you wish.
  • copy buyer address details and paste them with 1 click on any address form on the internet
  • send message template to all buyers with 1 click
  • mark items as ordered/replaced
  • semi-automatic ordering from the ebay dashboard with 1 click (for amazon suppliers)
  • add buyer address directly to your amazon saved addresses
  • add bought item directly to amazon shopping cart (if you have imported your listings to the extension)
  • search for corresponding bought item’s arbitrage opportunities on amazon and other retailers with 1 click
  • go through cashback sites and be automatically redirected to the target item with 1 click
  • see estimated delivery times on your orders dashboard
  • download invoices from amazon from your ebay dashboard
  • upload tracking numbers from amazon to ebay automatically
  • go to corresponding amazon order details with 1 click

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