Affiliate Area




What Is An ‘Affiliate’?

When you refer a new user to, the site remembers it came from you and when he pays for his subscription, you get a share.
That’s it.

Why Would Anyone Register Through Me?

When people use your affiliate link and/or coupon code, they receive a 10% discount from their monthly payment.

How Do You Know Who Came From Where?

When a user visits<your_username> , the site remembers the IP address, even if he leaves the page.

This data is saved for up to 30 days.

How Much Money Will I Make?

Negotiate with me directly at and/or Facebook at

How Do I Register To Become An Affiliate?

Use the form on this page.

How Do I See How Many People I Have Referred?

Click ‘Referrals’ in the menu inside the Affiliate Area (this page).

When And How Do I Get My Money?

Beginning of every month, payouts are sent automatically to the Payment Email you specify in your affiliate account settings through PayPal.