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Are you doing online arbitrage/dropshipping on eBay, Amazon, or Shopify?

Our Chrome Extension does not use eBay API, can not be detected by eBay.

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What is Dropship Helper?

This is an extension for Chrome Web Browser. Once installed, it changes the look of the Ebay's "Manage Orders" page and adds new functionality, which automates a number of repetitive tasks.

1. Install Chrome Extension

2. Go To 'Manage Orders'

3. Use The New Buttons


Copy Buyer Address

Automatically copy buyer's address in the supplier's checkout page with 1 click.

Available on: eBay, Amazon, Shopify

Auto Tracking Number Uploader

Let the extension find and upload the tracking numbers from Amazon, Aliexpress and Walmart with 1 click. Available on: eBay

Fast Paste

Copy up to 200 order addresses in Amazon Multiple Shipping Page with 2 clicks! Available on: eBay

Auto Add To Cart

Directly add the product to cart in the supplier website. Available on: eBay, Amazon

Bulk Send Message

Write a message once and send it to all buyers with a click.

Add Address To Book

Insert buyer's address directly into the address book of the supplier website. Available on: eBay

Quick CashBack

Don't lose time searching for the product. Automatic redirect through cashback sites to the product page. Available on: eBay, Amazon

Supported Retail Sites

AliExpress Amazon Vidaxl
Amazon Ebay Bestbuy
Harborfreight Target Alibaba
Homedepot Costco Bonanza
Samsclub Gearbest Dhgate
Overstock Domu Newchic
Walmart BedbadAndBeyond Hayneedle
Kmart Wayfair Sears

How To Get Started


Register For Free

You can test the extensions for 3 days and cancel, no charge.


Install The Chrome Extension

Click 'Add To Chrome' in Google Web Store.


Login Inside The Extension

Use the email and password for your subscription to login into the extension.


Go To eBay 'Manage Orders' page

-Make sure the right domain is selected.

-Make sure you have "Seller Hub" activated. Otherwise you won't be able to list the data.

Happy Clients

“I list over 30 items per day. Without this extension, it would have been impossible to do all the work.”
Hristian Hristov
“I like that I pay only 1 subscription for unlimited installations. This way all my workers use it and complete their listings 3 times faster.”
Mousa T Helo
“It's very relieving to have all the details filled automatically. I list tens of products per day with a couple of clicks!!”
Nagarajan Thangaraj

Subscription Pricing

9.99 €/ month
  • 3 days free trial
  • Unlimited eBay accounts
  • Unlimited Installations
  • 24/7 Email, Skype, Facebook support
Save 30%
84.99 €/ year
  • 3 days free trial
  • Unlimited eBay accounts
  • Unlimited Installations
  • 24/7 Email, Skype, Facebook support

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re always available at

Contact us. We respond quickly and will help you set everything up correctly.

Yes, it supports .com,,de,ca,fr,,ca,cn,in,it,,nl,es

Two ways you can cancel:

1. Log in to PayPal, then go to Tools -> Recurring Subscriptions.

2. Through the Subscriptions section of the My Account page on this website.

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